Scott T. writes:
I'm placing a number of bird houses and bat boxes on the grounds of a summer camp I operate. I'm wondering how I might install one of your cameras in a bat box. Is it possible and if so, what would be the best positon for the install. Thanks.

You have two options for mounting a camera in a bat house. The easiest is to simply mount it in the entrance, pointing upward. Several people have done this . . . see "Herbs bats" clip toward the bottom of our Home Page. Although some have worried that there is the possibility of bat feces getting on the camera, I have received no reports of this happening.

Option 2 is to cut an opening in the upper chamber and mount the camera up there. Lone Star Woodcarft makes an outstanding bat house with this feature.

By the way, you'll be amazed at the reactions you'll get. People either love 'em or hate 'em, never hesitate to express their opinion.

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